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About The Author

About The Author

Thank you for checking out my blog about parenting and navigating the foster system through and past adoption. I believe these stories may resonate with many families struggling with feeling a sense of “normal.” What is “normal” when your child has been through trauma? When your child has special needs? When your child struggles to attach?

I have found that it is very difficult to find a sense of belonging in a community that can relate to the unending challenges of adoption¬†from foster care. For example, when I tell a story about my son pulling his own skin off (ew, gross), that shocks many people… but to me, it’s a “Tuesday.” What kind of world am I living in?

In my 30s, I had found myself to be very, very alone: unable to talk about my life or what really goes on. My child had become a dark secret and a source of resentment. Then, one day I met someone “like me.” And we talked. And then we talked and talked for hours non-stop. And it was a wonderful release! I had finally experienced a sense of freedom to tell my story without condemnation or fear.

I realize that not everyone has found a magical unicorn friend like this. So, I’ve decided to be that person. I’ll tell you the good, bad, and ugly. I’ll listen to your stories. I’ll offer camaraderie. I may not have been through exactly what you have, but I believe we can relate on many levels. I look forward to our friendship!

With Love, J

(M.S., Special Needs Advocate, Sex Trafficking Advocate, Former K-12 Educator, Homeschooler)