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Why I Love Homeschool Moms

Why I Love Homeschool Moms

I’m Going Brag On Homeschool Parents for a Minute…

FYI: Feel free to insert “dad” or “parent” wherever I say “mom.” I actually don’t have any homeschool dad friends, so I’m simply writing from my realm… not trying to disclude anyone.

Homeschool Moms Are The Best Teachers.

They work with kids to an intensely personalized degree. They know everything their child is capable of and can target lesson content like military snipers. They care about their students’ well-being on an academic, emotional, and spiritual level.

I’m not saying other teachers can’t also do this, but homeschool moms are experts. And, they don’t usually have thirty other people to tend to at once to detract from the student. 

Homeschool moms also prioritize a child’s happiness and health on a past-present-future continuum. Schooling will nearly always take a backseat to the family’s happiness and health. Happy kids are smarter kids.

Don’t believe me?

Jump ship to an article published by Harvard, Stanford, and a variety of psychologists, parenting experts, and more.

These Are My Current Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Homeschool Moms:

Homeschool Moms Don’t Waste Time.

There is no one-size, do-it-or-else approach. There is no curriculum box-set loyalty. If the textbook sucks, homeschoolers toss it and get one that is better suited. If there is a section in a book that the kid already knows: skip it. We don’t hold the “class” back because some book tells us we need to learn things their way. Some don’t even use textbooks at all. Rad.

Homeschool Moms Bake Better Than Grandma

Better than me too, I should add. Somehow homeschoolers always have the recipe for the season’s craftiest, vegan potluck items. They are, I believe, the originators of Pinterest food photos.

Homeschool Moms Have Messy Homes. 

Not because we don’t clean (Well, aside from me) …But because we are at home a lot, and we utilize every corner of the home almost everyday in learning and living activities. If you ever walk into a homeschool house that smells like cookies and has clean floors, just ask to see the school room. Or the craft room. Bam. That mom’s busted.

Homeschooling Moms Prioritize Relationships.

We may be 50 miles apart, but we will make the drive to meet up for a field trip. We carve time from our lives to foster social connections. “Social skills” don’t need to be formally taught to our children. We ARE the social people they model. We demonstrate trust and kindness and treating others as we’d like to be treated. Homeschool moms will answer their phones or meet up midday and actually hold a genuine conversation. Or… two-hour long text-versation in-between cursive lessons and silent reading time.

Homeschool Moms Stick Together.

We welcome in families from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds, and we unite over a common bond: our children.

Some of my absolute most favorite people in the world are fellow homeschoolers. I have childhood friendships that still endure with my own homeschooling “classmates” from twenty years ago. Because no demographic (no school, no income level, no grade level) or other construct was the conduit to our friendship, we are forever friends. We will back each other up for what we believe is right. Families come first. 

I love my homeschool community. Parents, if you aren’t in a local group where families get together for field trips, park playdates, and other social functions, get on Google, Facebook Groups, MeetUp, and check you library event schedule… find one. You won’t regret it. These are the best people on Earth.

The author writes from an unabashed, had-it-up-to-here, daily defeated and re-strengthened by grace and hope… kind of place. An adoptive mother of a curious kiddo, full of spirit and sass, tells her tales of homeschooling, fostering, and raising children with special needs. Thanks for joining us on this adventure from adoption to life!

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