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Ridiculous Prophecies For My Baby. A Tale of Disbelief.

Ridiculous Prophecies For My Baby. A Tale of Disbelief.

Thank God They Were, And Still Are, Wrong.

I’ve had some completely distasteful experiences regarding prayer and prophecies over my parenting journey. Now, my point in sharing these is not to discredit prayer, speaking in tongues, or the laying of hands.

I know how powerful those can be. But when I received some very interesting words regarding when and how I was to have children, I have to wonder if God was “just checking” to see if I was serious before granting my wish to start a family by adoption.

In the two stories here, the women who spoke with me were considered very spiritual. One was an elder (authority figure) in a church. The other claimed to have the gifts of healing and prayer. Miracles and divine wisdom, etc. were supposed to be associated with them. Or whatever.

Ms. “How Dare You.”

We were walking in a park. She was getting to know me and felt the need to counsel me on my life choices. Led by God. Or whatever. I told her I was adopting because I didn’t want to go through a pregnancy.
I’d been informed things could be difficult and it was such an easy conclusion for my husband and I to pursue a family by other means. It felt right. So her words were,

“How DARE you tell God what you WILL and WON’T do with your body!”

(I still have to pause after that and wonder how she came to that conclusion. That’s right… my plan was to thwart Him. MmmHmm.)

OK, but if was designed this way, with His purpose in mind, and a free will… riddle me this: Why would it be such an easy decision for me to not birth my own child? That’s counter-culture; against the normal instinct. Was that being disobedient to God?

Adoption just seemed to make sense from the very beginning of my marriage. If He gives us the desires of our hearts, for me, that would mean adoption. “Did you even TRY getting pregnant?” she asked. (No. Not ever.)

Her final prophesy: All I had to do was ask God for a baby and I’d conceive. I wasn’t pregnant yet because I lacked faith that He would provide one.

Ms. “Flow.”

She gets this nickname because part of her prayer for me was that my menstrual flow would return in full and that I’d become fertile. Ugh. No thanks

.I had just gone to a women’s bible study at a brand new church and I knew NO ONE. And no one knew anything about me.

I sat through it quietly (I’m shy at first), then at the end they asked for prayer requests. I put it out there: my husband and I had been trying to start a family for a while and would like prayers for a child. I hadn’t wanted to get into a longer story, so I kept it brief… In doing so, I forgot to mention we were adopting.

Immediately, I had Ms. Flow’s hands on my belly and she was asking the group to join in, in-between bursts of speaking in tongues. Was I supposed to stop her and clarify the situation…? I had an internal dialog with myself, but it was too late.

She proclaimed my blood would flow and that a union with my husband would result in a miracle: not one, but TWO babies. She went all out and danced just a little.
I went home that night baffled and upset. Had I mistaken my bodily functions? Last time I checked, “get pregnant” was not on my to-do list. Thank you DepoProver!

I think I texted all my close friends an abbreviated version of the story that included the letters “W, T, and F.”

Then A Miracle Occurred!

Due to my persistent lack of faith and flow, I started a family in 2015 through the miracle of adoption. Can you believe it??

It’s kind of amazing if you ask me.

The author writes from an unabashed, had-it-up-to-here, daily defeated and re-strengthened by grace and hope… kind of place. An adoptive mother of a curious kiddo, full of spirit and sass, tells her tales of homeschooling, fostering, and raising children with special needs. Thanks for joining us on this adventure from adoption to life!

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